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Default AG: Safety Equipment for Bicycles

Frank Krygowski wrote:

I tend to judge based on data. I wonder why it's promoted for an
activity with such small risk, and ignored for other common activities
with higher risks and/or higher potential societal benefit.

Perception can almost always trump reality.

I've always wondered why the people telling me I obviously don't value
my head because I'm not wearing a helmet on that deathtrap machine called
a bicycle, yet appear to have no problem not wearing a helmet while they
walk a city street, walk around their yards or in their homes.

An awful lot of people fall walking about with attendant head injuries and
even death.

Yet most would surely say walking doesn't entail the risk that bicycling
does, so no helmet required.

I've seen national statistics on a range of activities, and they do seem to vary
quite a bit. Some of those stats put walking as far more dangerous than


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