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She is in medical school and has even less time for bike shopping than
for riding, so I must handle this (and all other) situation for her,
as many times as it takes until she is satisfied.

Based on what I know, she would find a real recumbent intimidating.
She must be protected from exposure to the dirty parts of a bike. She
finds managing two gear shifters overly complicated, and for the
riding she will do, it is completely unnecessary to have two. She
will never fix a tire, oil a chain, or adjust a bearing.

To give you an example of what we're dealing with, we have an older
BMW that has power adjusting seats. She drives that car most of the
time. If we are going somewhere together and taking that car, even
though she hates driving, she will usually drive anyway, citing the
trouble it is to readjust the car seat to fit her as the reason for
doing so. yes, she would rather suffer the drive than push a couple
buttons to readjust the car seat. I consider this an improvement. It
means there is something she hates more than driving.

Why does she want a bike at all, you may ask... She wants a bike
because I have two. Nevermind that I actually ride mine daily. It is
a matter of "fairness".

I wish it weren't so, but that is the situation.

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