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Default Petty Unicycle Company, Arvada Colorado?

robbie, don't you know that flat seats are all the rage these days.
That contoured stuff is for amateurs, because the pros all use the *HIP,

qoutes from users:

"The *FLAT SEAT* rocks! the whole thing is a handle. seat out
front and seat out back have never been easier!" -Unicyclist from MO

"I previously used a contoured saddle, but now that I've tried the
*NEW FLAT SEAT*, I'm convinced that it's the way to go for all of my
riding- distance, MUni, freestyle, and even on my giraffe! Thanks,
Petty Unicycles" -Unicyclist from CO

"The *FLAT, RUBBER SEAT* makes all of my tricks easier to do,
especially those tricky suicide mounts. I am a believer in *FLAT SEAT
TECHNOLOGY!* It's awesome!" -Unicyclist from NC

To order the *new* flat seat, simply call *1-800-CROTCH-SORES*

actual results may vary. comments are based on user prefrence. company
not responsible for sores, welts, rashes, inability to reproduce, or
irate wives.

this has been satire. you may now return to your reguarly scheduled

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