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Default ****** Birdbrain Macaw (now "James Wilkinson" LOL), the Sociopathic Attention Whore

On Fri, 10 Nov 2017 11:59:41 -0000, Birdbrain Macaw (now "James Wilkinson"),
the pathological attention whore of all the uk ngs, blathered again:

There's photo, but no reg number. Why are CCTV cameras so ****?

Take a guess, you retarded piece of ****!

More of Birdbrain Macaw's (now "James Wilkinson" LOL) pathological "mind"
"I am actually considering crashing deliberately into one of my neighbours.
Three times he's stopped on the wrong side of the road, directly in front of
me, then reversed into his drive. I had to brake hard to avoid a head on
collision. Next time I'll glance at the camera to make sure it's rolling
and carry on."

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