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Default SIX thousand and FIVE hundred lumens !!!!!!!!!!

On 10/11/2018 10:55 AM, Joerg wrote:

I have panniers mounted permanently and they have a cross-canvas that
catches mud on the road bike. On the MTB there are several panels plus a
loading platform, so no splatters either. The problem is the front tire.
Some day I might make a custom guard for that. The stuff you can buy for
MTB is too floppy.

I've had full fenders on my mountain bikes since, oh, 1985 or so.

But I can understand why they wouldn't work for you, Joerg! ;-)

Hail is a real pain though. Every time I got into that I had forgotten a
plastic bag to strap over the helmet.

Shower caps are good for that. Either pick one up from Walmart or similar
or the free ones from motel/hotel. Just pack it in a side pocket on the
handlbar bag or pocket in a pannier. Or place inside the loo roll, which
is in a plastic bag anyway.

I'd sweat profusely plus plastic gives me skin rashes.

Yep. That wouldn't work for you!

- Frank Krygowski

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