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Default Photo showing drivers how to pass cyclists descends into 'roadtax' chaos... but there are also plenty of positives to be seen

On Tuesday, 15 June 2021 at 14:31:24 UTC+1, JNugent wrote:
On 15/06/2021 02:26 pm, wrote:
Still wriggling despite being killed off 84 years ago!

You know how it goes... a social media post that has something to do with cycling goes a bit viral, and no matter what the exact subject matter is, we seem to arrive at something which hasn't existed since the 1930's. This time, a Facebook post (link is external) by Derbyshire Live on 13th June informing drivers how to safely pass cyclists has since blown up, attracting over 20,000 comments and counting.

t doesn't take long to find some disappointing and potentially frightening viewpoints in the comments section, such as the one above from Susan Sullivan. There's also other gems such as "I like to go straight over the top of them" and "All that space - and no road tax, insurance or mot !"

There does appear to be plenty of sensible reflections too, including the exchange above.

Sarah Broad added: "The thing is, as a car driver you may be held up a couple of minutes following an interaction with a bike. As a cyclist you may die following an interaction with a car.

"If people weren't so impatient and set off with more time to spare it wouldn't be a problem."

It seems like there's hope for the world yet - do you think the road tax myth will ever die? Let us know why or why not in the comments as always.

If Road Tax was abolished in the 1930s, why do we still have to pay it?

You don't. Motor vehicle operators pay VED which only covers 60% of the motorway maintenance budget. High rate income tax payers (i.e cyclists) have to make up the difference.


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