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Default Lawyer (only) fined for fatal hit-run

"cfsmtb" wrote in message

Just as some of us thought, McGee gets a slap on the wrist. How long
does it take for a lawyer to earn $3K?

$3K for a life, and 12 months of cab charges?

F ing pathetic!

Lawyer fined for fatal hit-run,00.html
A PROMINENT Adelaide lawyer who killed a cyclist in a hit and run and
failed to stop has been fined $3100 and disqualified from driving for
12 months.

Eugene McGee, a former police officer, sat expressionless as his
sentence was delivered by Chief Judge Terry Worthington in South
Australia's District Court.

McGee, 50, was driving a four-wheel drive vehicle when it was involved
in a fatal collision with father-of-two Ian Humphrey in SA's Barossa
Valley in November 2003.

McGee, a lawyer who has acted in high profile criminal cases including
the Snowtown bodies-in-barrels trials, did not stop at the scene and
was arrested by police some six-and-a-half hours after the collision.

The lawyer was earlier this month acquitted of dangerous driving but
found guilty of the lesser crime of driving without due care.

McGee had earlier pleaded guilty to failing to stop at the scene of an
accident and failing to render assistance.

Judge Worthington today gave McGee a $2300 fine for the failing to stop
and render assistance charges, and an $800 fine for driving without due

McGee's driving licence was suspended for 12 months on each charge, but
Judge Worthington said the licence disqualifications would be served

Earlier today, the widow of the dead cyclist confronted McGee in court,
saying she did not hate the lawyer but pitied him.

Giving a victim impact statement during sentencing submissions in the
court, Di Gilchrist told McGee: "You killed my husband."

"I do not hate you, I pity you," she said as she stood about a metre
away from McGee in the courtroom today.

"I wake up in the hope that this has all been a bad dream.

"I would give up all my tomorrows to have one more day with Ian."

McGee told his trial he had been drinking wine at a lunch hours before
the collision, but did not consider himself affected by alcohol.


It'll be interesting to see what charges are brought against the guy who
clipped and killed a traffic cop (and then did the right thing by stopping
immediately). What's the bet it winds up nastier than a fine and a license


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