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Default Lawyer (only) fined for fatal hit-run

It's no wonder McGee got "off" as he is fully cogniscant of the Traffi
Act as evidenced by this piece he wrote for the Police Journa

I reckon the DH knew that if he left the scene of the accident an
sobered up, then he stood a good chance of getting out of a mor
serious charge through lack of evidence. Of course he was helped b
his old Police cronies not even bothering to breath test him, when h
did turn up six hours later. Mind you he would have got off an
positive reading by saying that he had a few when he got home to cal
his fragile nerves.

Then there is the matter of the witnesses who saw him drivin
erratically. Come on SA police and justice system lift your game. W
want the truth - not some fantasy story.

As the road traffic act now follows a national standard across al
States a fitting memorial for Ian Humphreys would be if all cyclist
put pressure on their State Attorneys General to get the provisions fo
hit and run driving changed so that people like McGee cannot get awa
with leaving the scene. It could be called the Humphreys Ammendment



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