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As I said elsethread, I had a good ride in.

If a wet one.

The hills are getting easier, or else I'm better at not noticing, not
sure which it is! I push hard against the seat back and go up as hard
as I can looking for 75-80 RPM.

Which works well until the legs give out!

Got a number of smiles from peds today, mostly workmen hiding out from
the weather and watching the world and me go by. Also got two "that
looks odd, is it comfortable?" from people at lights, one of whom went
on to say she'd thought about riding to work. Odd thought to have in
this weather I thought but didn't say....

Got waved through a roundabout by a 4WD, and up the observatory
hill rd by a taxi. Must have taken pity on a very drowned looking

Nearly buzzsawed a rider on the bridge, who was head down and drifting
well over to my side. She woke up at my "look where you are going!" yell
and said a sheepish "sorry". She looked tired, I wonder where she had
ridden from? Or maybe just getting rain in the face and hating it.

A ped waved me through the wider bit between the trees on the footpath
after the tunnel under the train, yeah riding o the path is naughty,
but riding up the road in that bit is more than I can feel comfortable
doing right now as buses, taxis, sudden swerving "must be in that lane"
and tired legs don't mix.. I slowed and almost stopped and went quite
wide of her, and she stopped and waved me through with a smile. I thanked
her and we both headed in our respective directions.

Got further up Walker St, probably because of the wait at the lights,
and walked up Miller and dripped my way into the lift. Amazingly no
one said I was silly riding in the wet, I get more hassle about that
on the motorcycle on a wet day!

On the whole, a good ride. A little less puffed, a little less
intimidated, and still heaps of fun despite the wet.

I didn't mind the rain. Not cold enough to be cold, not heavy enough
to be painful. Sure has cut the number of peds and cyclists though!
Pyrmont bridge was relatively clear of both, and so was the Harbour

note to self... keep dry tights and shirt at work! Undressing was
icky, re-dressing will be worse! especially the socks.


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