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Default New Cycling DVDs for Indoor Training

We are producing new virtual reality cycling DVD series called
epicRIDEs, which are just that, epic rides shot in beautiful,
interesting locations around the world and intended for use in indoor
cycle training.

The first release is Epic Vermont and it features a big climb over one
of Vermont's best known mountain gaps, Appalachian Gap, which is one
of the major climbs for the Green Mountain Stage Race.

These videos are clean and elegant - like cycling! There is a
dashboard superimposed on the video which give you just the right
amount of information to gauge your training effort - elapsed time,
average grade, training zone and a real neat terrain profile with a
progress indicator.

The next release is called Epic Acadia and it is shot on the coast of
Maine in Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park. It will have a major
climb up Cadillac Mountain, the highest on the coast of the Eastern

There is a Training Guide that goes with each video. They have a
number of first class workouts.

These videos are a great way to pass the time while training and give
you a great sense of what it is like cycling in other locations!

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