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Default The greatest distance cycled on a mountain bike in a 24-hour period:285 miles

Can you hike 285 miles in a day? So is there any doubt remaining that mountain biking has greater impacts than hiking?


285 miles of beach riding

Port Orange beach biker's Guinness record confirmed

Mike Unklesbay peddles south on the beach in April as he tries to set a world record by riding the all-terrain Fat Tire Xtreme Bike for 24 hours.
News-Journal/ DAVID TUCKER
By Mark Lane

Published: Tuesday, May 27, 2014 at 8:58 p.m.

Daytona Beach Shores - A Port Orange mountain bike rider established Guinness world records for off-road cycling, a spokesman for Guinness confirmed Tuesday.

Mike Unklesbay pedaled on the beach in a loop starting at Frank Rendon Park on April 29 and 30 to establish the records.

The records are for the greatest distance cycled on a mountain bike in a 12-hour period: 161.70 miles; and for the greatest distance cycled on a mountain bike in a 24-hour period: 285 miles.

Unklesbay is the first American rider to hold a mountain-bike record in Guinness.

Although Unklesbay started out under sunny skies, a heavy thunderstorm blew through the area that night, forcing him to finish the ride through high, gusting winds, rain and lightning.

Unklesbay's sponsor, Xtreme Fat Tire Bikes of Deerfield Beach, learned that the record was accepted just before the Memorial Day holiday, according to Tommi Coghill, designer of the prototype mountain bike Unklesbay was riding.

The bike, an aluminum 10-speed called the Xtreme Warrior, has a taller wheel than most mountain bikes, 29 inches, and a wider tire, almost 4 inches, wide enough to look like a motorcycle tire.

"The 29er wheels accelerated smoothly on the soft sand and the bike held its speed with minimal effort," Unklesbay said.

"I know I could not have broken these records on any other bike."

Coghill said Unklesbay's bicycle is now in production and he expects to have it on the market by the end of summer.

After the success of Unklesbay's ride, Coghill said he hopes to sponsor future mountain bike races on the beach here.

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