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Default Changing Seasons

On Sat, 11 Nov 2017 18:12:45 -0500, Frank Krygowski

Have you tried using a handlebar bag? They work very well for me. In
cold weather, I stock it with a few paper towels, easily accessible at
the top.

I used to have an excellent handlebar bag, and a box of "boutique"
paper handkerchiefs just fit. On the group ride from Albany N.Y. to
Warsaw, Indiana, I kept the box on the left side of the bag so that
other riders could grab a tissue as they passed.

I gave it up when I bought my Ed Kearney light. The light wore out
years ago and I decided not to replace it, since I hadn't been using
it. But by then I'd forgotten about handlebar bags.

I'm pretty sure that I once looked for the handlebar bag and learned
that it didn't make the move from New York to Indiana. I haven't seen
any bags as good in stores, but I've only seen handlebar bags while
searching for saddle bags.

But just enough bag to hold a few paper towels should be doable. And
I have an empty middle pocket in my windbreaker, which I'll be wearing
if I'm wearing mittens unless it's cold enough to wear my
wool-jacketing jersey, to put the used towels in.

I wonder whether I could manage a pop-up dispenser?


It's kind of groggy out -- I found this half-typed post while shutting
down for the night -- but I'm going to click "send" anyway.

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