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On 11/14/2017 11:24 PM, Joy Beeson wrote:
On Sat, 11 Nov 2017 18:12:45 -0500, Frank Krygowski

Have you tried using a handlebar bag? They work very well for me. In
cold weather, I stock it with a few paper towels, easily accessible at
the top.

I used to have an excellent handlebar bag, and a box of "boutique"
paper handkerchiefs just fit. On the group ride from Albany N.Y. to
Warsaw, Indiana, I kept the box on the left side of the bag so that
other riders could grab a tissue as they passed.

I gave it up when I bought my Ed Kearney light. The light wore out
years ago and I decided not to replace it, since I hadn't been using
it. But by then I'd forgotten about handlebar bags.

I'm pretty sure that I once looked for the handlebar bag and learned
that it didn't make the move from New York to Indiana. I haven't seen
any bags as good in stores, but I've only seen handlebar bags while
searching for saddle bags.

But just enough bag to hold a few paper towels should be doable. And
I have an empty middle pocket in my windbreaker, which I'll be wearing
if I'm wearing mittens unless it's cold enough to wear my
wool-jacketing jersey, to put the used towels in.

I wonder whether I could manage a pop-up dispenser?


It's kind of groggy out -- I found this half-typed post while shutting
down for the night -- but I'm going to click "send" anyway.

We know you do a lot of stitching. I rarely do any, but I'm proud to say
I've made two of my own handlebar bags. They were challenging due to my
lack of skill, but they've worked out well. The first one is now looking
a bit ragged, but it's almost 40 years old.

Both of mine hang from internal rigid frames that I also fabricated, and
are at least a bit aero. (Well, it's a psychological help in severe
headwinds.) But I notice that Jan Heine and his randonneuring crowd
prefer boxy bags that plop on top of front racks. See

- Frank Krygowski

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