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just thought i would share an amusing anecdote from my weekend past.

sent my sister up the coast to our parents place in nambour/burnside
last weekend with all my textbooks/photography stuff (the heavy ****)
in the car so i could have a pleasant saturday riding from work to the
train, then get to nambour station and ride to parents place, around

the main street of nambour is 2 lanes, i was lit up like a christmas
tree, and almost at the end of the long but steady hill to get to right
turn at the lights near the KFC... this white van has been sitting
inches away from my rear wheel since i changed into the rightmost lane,
not bothering to move into the left lane which is empty and go around

just at the top of the hill, van moves into the left lane, and a rather
obese man smoking a cigarette with big fat wife next to him doing the
same pokes his big fat head out of the window, his multiple chins
wobbling and offers me some sterling advice:

"great way to get yourself killed, love."

i almost fell off my bike i was laughing so hard.



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