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asterope wrote:

"great way to get yourself killed, love."

i almost fell off my bike i was laughing so hard.

I had a bod on a Vespa tell me I ought to get a flag cos I was "so
hard to see".

He's got a point. I mainly lurk here but when you were deciding on a bike I
almost piped up to talk you out of a recumbent. For a lot of drivers
they're practicaly invisible, they're less manouverable and wider so more
likely to be clipped. A flag doesn't cut it, a burning flare might be a
better option.

If he can't see something 2 foot wide, a foot longer than most
bicycles, and where the rider's seat is as high as a car seat then I
think the RTA's eyesight test needs work.

As you yourself have pointed out it's not about eyesight, it's about
processing what you see. People just aren't looking for recumbents so they
won't see them. I've seen recumbents so low they don't make it up to a cars
window, on top of that they keep getting stuck lane splitting. A driver
could do everything right and still hit them.

Maybe it sounds just like car drivers talking about uprights but you have to
draw the line somewhere.


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