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Bean Long Wrote:
asterope wrote:


just at the top of the hill, van moves into the left lane, and a

obese man smoking a cigarette with big fat wife next to him doing

same pokes his big fat head out of the window, his multiple chins
wobbling and offers me some sterling advice:

"great way to get yourself killed, love."

Aah! Good one that. My weekend highlight was a huge guy (well over
120 kg mark) on a bike near Bonython. He seemed to be hootin' along
I couldn't quite work out what was going on 'cos he wasn't pedalling!
Once I'd caught up to him I realised he had a little electric motor on
the rear wheel doing the work. While I give him 10 points for getting
on the bike, he loses a couple for woosing out with the motor.


Remove "yourfinger" before replyingWhen reading this I was going to write ---

leave the guy alone; sure, he's big but he's trying (I've been - still
am there).

Then I read the bit with the motor....


Let's hope this is his first step and he eventually loses the motor.




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