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Default AG: Winter training

When I saw that yesterday and Friday were predicted to be usable-road
days, I thought I'd take a "dump tour" (about eleven miles) on
Tuesday, and if that went well, go to the Friday Specials at Duck Down
and Above (about twenty miles).

But come Tuesday morning, I didn't feel like sorting and packing a
pannier of Goodwill stuff, and I did want a few things at Aldi, so I
turned left instead of right when I left the emergency room, about
five miles. (This also meant crossing US 30 twice at an intersection
that would be mentioned as particularly dangerous in that evening's

On the way home, when I stopped at the first bench to put my mittens
back on and make sure my shirts were zipped all the way up, I was glad
I'd shortened the ride. I'm well enough to resume training, and I'm
well enough to ride in the cold -- indeed, vaso-motor rhinitis
normalizes my cough -- but I'm NOT well enough to train in biting

Not even when thoroughly warm from the neck down. The small amount of
leakage around my scarf bothered me a *lot*.

Friday is still looking good, but I've already dumped the plastic bags
and the magazines, and I still don't feel like sorting out Goodwill

I need ten yards of elastic, but that's only 1.7 miles from Winona
Lake, and it's too cold to ride around the south end of the lake to
come home. That route is boring when it's *warm*!


This recovery reminds me of the day I unpacked my Ed Kearny light with
delight -- no more four-o'clock curfew!

And then I learned: riding in the dark is pleasant, if the road has a
fog line. Riding in the cold is a simple matter of dressing
appropriately. I was more-or-less accustomed to coming home tired.

But riding the dark when I'm tired and icicles are hanging on my
fenders . . . .

At least the days are getting longer.

Joy Beeson
joy beeson at comcast dot net


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