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Default Danny-boy flails some more! (was: Advice on a good hardtail.)

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Since the TALAS R was designed for the Liquid, specifically, [...]


Who gave you the "Since the TALAS R was designed for the Liquid" quote?

Ooops. My mistake - the Liquid was *supposedly* designed to utilize
the TALAS R. I read this in an extended ad, errrr, mountain bike rag
review article.

IIRC, this was before the SPV was introduced on the other Liquid

Of course, I can't find the review article.

I guess I'll have to eat that factoid.

I thought you had it switched around, Fox usually credits co-design
stuff. Well then again... I had to return home to Central California
to do some family hospice. Anyway,I was at the Wooden Nickle (decent
place for eats near Airport and Freedom in Watsonhood). picking up
lunch. I run into a guy I know from Special'ed and we started talking
about "fox inertial valving." New technology ... a brand new thing. So
being the typical nit picking @ss that I am I let go with:

"Come on SHOWA worked on that for motorcycles starting in the late
70's, 'SHOWA anti-dive technology'"

Followed up by:

"Didn't Fox work on some co-op project with SHOWA in the motocross
days of the 80's? ... There's nothing new about the technology other
than it was made smaller ..."

About that time the table behind us cleared. Yep Fox is only two stop
lights away down Airport. Seems like lots of folks go to lunch at the
Nickle, even the guys from Fox.


Smile when you say "Dumb @ss"

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