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Dan Volker
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Default Danny-boy flails some more! (was: Advice on a good hardtail.)

"Jonesy" wrote in message

And since you bought a free-ride style bike, that somehow translates
into full knowledge on all bikes? Wow, again.

I swear you must be on drugs. Where did I ever say I was riding free ride
bikes? Oh, and the Liquid 25 is not a free ride bike, its an "All Mountain"
bike. One of these days you'll get in a discussion and be able to remember
what you are talking about...I hope.

While I don't have the same high opinion of my bike knowledge that you

do of

BWAHAHA! "Technical", etc. You are flogging yourself mercilessly
trying to establish credibility in this thread alone! Who are you
trying to kid, here?


Newsflash....I was being sarcastic. Apparently you have such a high opinion
of yourself, you missed the sarcasm--pretty sad.

Jonesy, have someone help you with the reading part before you answer me
next time, and then maybe you will sound better.

Dan V


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