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Dex wrote:
On 10/03/2011 07:11, Mrcheerful wrote:
Nuxx Bar wrote:
Cyclist hit head on by car, looks bloody painful:

Incidents like that are belittled by people like Jackson who go out
with their helmet cams looking for trouble.

riding faster than the conditions dictate and probably no signal,
both cyclist and car at fault.

What a load of bull, the conditions couldn't have been much better,
bright clear day, dry road, nothing in front of him, probably nothing

The cyclist was already level with the mini-roundabout when the car
crossed the line, so no time for 'signalling', whatever signal means
your taking the second exit, and no time to slow down.

Why must you always lay part of the blame on the innocent party just
because they don't have an engine?

That motorist was either not paying attention and didn't see the
cyclist or somehow assumed the cyclist was taking the 1st exit
without bothering to signal.

The driver of the black car on the other side of the road pulled out
because he was expecting him to give way to the cyclist.

100% the drivers fault.

I come across similar circumstances almost every day, yet I don't crash into
them. People make mistakes, they misjudge which exit you are taking, that
is just part of using the roads. If the cyclist had been taking sufficient
care the crash would not have occurred, likewise if the car had been more
cautious the crash would not have happened, both parties are at fault. It
is no good being 'in the right' if you crash into something, whether you are
in a car or not. But if you are very vulnerable like a cyclist then it
makes even more sense to ride very cautiously and with massive forethought.

As to the indication: the cyclist should have (may have) indicated right on
approach to the roundabout (and hopefully left before his exit, but that is
less likely) and I would have taken a further right road position and
proceeded cautiously till I had at least made eye contact with the car
driver and was certain it was staying put.


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