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Lou Holtman
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Default bigger lawyer lips on the way?

Derk wrote:
(PeteCresswell) wrote:

Having said that, one day I pulled the bike off the carrier on the back of
my car, got on it, and rode off: no check. First time I applied the
front brake it felt funny. Turned out front skewer was *really* loose -
i.e. just a little more and the wheel would have come out. As it was,
the lawyer lips probably saved me.

I cycle about 17.000 km a year and I *NEVER* check the QR B4 I ride, though
my wheels are without lawyers lips, just like everybody's wheels I know
here and I never heard about anybody having trouble with QR.

Greets, Derk

Lawyer lips are a major PIA IMHO. Gee I hate those things. What is the
use of QR if you have a fork with lawyer lips? Every time you take out
the wheel you have to unscrew the QR so when you install the wheel again
the chance that you adjust the QR wrong is much greater. I don't get it.

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