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Default Valve Exender Question

On Tue, 22 Nov 2005 04:45:21 GMT, "Philip W. Moore, Jr."

I think the tire or it's valve is defective, or perhaps there is dirt
or somethign holding the valve open -- that doesn't happen to me. And
the fact that it only happens with your rear wheel suggests the same

Thanks for the response. I'm not sure what you mean. I thought you have to
leave the valve wide-open before you attach the extender, else you can't
pump up the tire once it's on the rim.

Sorry, by "holding valve open" I meant something preventing it from
being closed by air pressure from inside the tube, even though it's

Yes you have to leave it wide completely unscrewed, but it shouldn't
leak air -- the pressue in the tire will keep the valve sealed
(closed, even though it's screwed open) and it shouldn't lose air any
faster than if screwed shut. If it does, there is a problem with that
particular valve.


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