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Default Cheap Bikes vs expensive bikes - what are the real differences?

Anyway, the thing I'm wondering is what, exactly, do you get for the
extra money? I'm not knocking it, just curious as to what is the real
difference between a 100 quid ex-catalogue hybrid from the bike shop
down the road and the kind of (to me) esoteric hardware that gets
mentioned here?

A world of difference in quality of ride.

I had a cheapy - an eastern european made thing in bright pearly pink that
weighed a ton. To ride more than a couple of miles was *exhausting* and any
incline was *knackering*. But it got me from A to B - but it didn't *encourage*
me to do more A to Bs and indeed try for A to C, D, E etc.

Then I got a better quality, lighter-weight hybrid. Instant doubling of mileage
without effort. The bike is still with me, in good nick, after 14 years. I
still use it occasionally.

I now have a Bianchi San Remo. To buy new these days you are looking at about
850 squid - see Mine is
an older model (different colour, same spec as far as I can see - but I've got
a female specific saddle, mudguards & rear rack on mine). It is a joy to ride.
Plain & simple. It doesn't just "do" it makes cycling enjoyable, fun, a

Don't get me wrong, my old pink peril served its purpose, but the *joy* of
cycling was opened up to me in owning a "better" bike.

Just my 0.02 euros :-)

Cheers, helen s

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