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Default Cheap Bikes vs expensive bikes - what are the real differences?

Pyromancer wrote in message Anyway, the thing I'm wondering is what, exactly, do you get for the
extra money? I'm not knocking it, just curious as to what is the real
difference between a 100 quid ex-catalogue hybrid from the bike shop
down the road and the kind of (to me) esoteric hardware that gets
mentioned here?


I,d second the commments that for an entry level hybrid/mtb 300
is the area to start at or 300 bikes reduced. Bargain basement bike
components never work very well and need regular adjustment to keep
working. 300 quality components work well and rarely need adjustment.
Spend more and they,ll be even smoother,lighter and last longer.But
keep your old bike for nipping to the shops etc. A 300 bike will be
better quality than most of the "bikes" around and hence a target for
the light fingered and its handy having a scrapper you,re happy
parking anywhere. This is also an advantage of a hybrid set up with
mudguards and city tyres - very unfashionable appearance. The
neanderthals won,t be interested in it if its non suspension (living
near Glasgow I have to think about this unfortunatly).
happy shopping Iain C

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