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Default The Joys & Pleasures of Cycling on Trails

"Blackblade" wrote in message ...

Edward Dolan wrote:

There is no MORAL right to bike on a hiking trail. Only
Assholes transgress and despoil natural beauty. The law is frequently an Ass in
all jurisdictions.

Oh do get over yourself ... it's getting very tiresome. Who are you to try and determine what is moral ?

I am a Great Saint and therefore more than qualified to pass on what is moral and what is immoral. You are immoral because you are doing is just plain evil. I am moral because I am a Great Saint!

"Ownership has nothing to do with it. All public land
is managed for best use - or have l already said that a couple of dozen times?"
- Ed Dolan

Best use isn't decided by you Ed.

It is decided by people like me who have some education and culture, not by slobs like you.

They are going to have to carve out a separate
trail system for themselves. We hikers do not want bikers on our


I already disposed of your 'we hikers' assertion Ed.

You do not speak for the vast majority of hikers. Your words and views are
your own.

My words and views are those of all serious hikers, the kind
of hikers that trails were meant for in the first instance.

I'm not going over that all over again. You are a largely solitary man, by your own admission, and therefore interact with a tiny number of others. As such, you are in no position to assume that your views are in the slightest bit representative of other hikers.

Most hikers tend to be solitary types, even if they are hiking with others. Trails are where we can be at one with nature and closest to God (if He exists). The very last thing any hiker needs on the trail is a god damn cyclist doing his ****ing sport. Find a race track for what you want to do.

And, to repeat myself, most of the trails were originally meant for people travelling from point A to point B ... not as recreation for elitist and self regarding people like you.

It doesn’t matter what trails were for originally. For the past hundred years or so they have been given over to hikers. That is because our forefathers had some brains, unlike the present generation of idiots like you.

Mountain bikers are barbarians and have no right to be on any trail used by hikers – unless they want to get off their god damn ****ing bikes and walk like everyone else. When they crash and injure themselves, I rejoice! If and when they manage to kill themselves, I say good riddance to bad rubbish! Death to mountain biking!

“Tread softly! All the earth is holy ground.”
~ Christina Rossetti (Psalm 24),
from "A Later Life: A Double Sonnet of Sonnets"

Mountain bikes have wheels. Wheels are for roads.

Trails are for walking. What’s the matter? Can’t walk?

Ed Dolan the Great
Saint Edward the Great


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