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Default Our wildlands are not outdoor gymnasiums or amusement parks.

Hiking with its trails has the least impact on nature of any
of man's activities. Take only pictures, leave only


The science suggests that mountainbiking and hiking have

similar impacts. Unsurprising since the power is exactly the same ... one
human. I very much doubt whether nature cares whether it's footprint or a
tyre print. Same impact.

What science would that be? Mr. Vandeman is the world class
expert on the impact of cycling on trails and he asserts that the tires of bikes
on trails is much more damaging then any hiker's boots.

It would be all the real science that vandeman tries, and fails, to discredit in this article

Funny how real research trumps opinion and armchair quarterbacking by lobbyists like vandeman and you isn't it ?


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