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Default Mountain bikers are a scourge wherever they are found

Your dumb numbers only say whatever you are dumb enough to
believe. You are worse than an idiot. You are a fool!

No, you're the fool here.* Despite the evidence in front of

your face, MORE reports of hiker fatalities that biker, you still persist in
believing that a simple count of number of events tells you anything.* Your
fundamental method is FLAWED.* Simply relaying number of reports tells you
NOTHING about the likelihood of an event.

You will never convince me that there are more reports of
hiker fatalities than biker fatalities everything else being equal.. Relaying
the number of reports tell you everything you will ever want to know about the
likelihood of an event. Biker accidents are all the same. They are doing headers
from striking the trail at an odd or uneven moment. That sort of accident is
never going to change.

I'm not trying to convince you ... I'm stating a fact based on a Google search which you, and everyone else, can verify. Typing "hiker dies" into Google results in approximately three times the number of results than typing "mountainbiker dies" (2.9 million results for the former, 494,000 for the latter - on

You can argue that the moon is made of cheese and fail to be convinced of facts to the contrary but, in that too, you would quite simply be wrong.

I'm conservative politically ... so, not at all into

correct thinking.* But it's still totally irrelevant.

But you are into politically correct thinking. After all, this
business about sharing because public is a liberal notion. Also, you

seem to be
lacking any elitist sentiments. You are not a conservative socially.

We social
conservatives believe in tradition, and trails have traditionally been

just for
hikers (and equestrians), not for every new thing that comes down the

Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm an elitist all right.* I think

anyone who can't argue logically, understand statistics and at least try to
remain impartial is definitely NOT a member of the elite.* As such, you're
a pretender and your views are entirely immaterial and worthless.

Yes, indeed, you have just described yourself perfectly. No
need for me to come up with my own diagnosis.

Ah, the discourse of the playground. Well done Ed ... showing your true colours and the level of your argumentation.


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