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Default Parts and Tariffs

On 8/31/2019 12:07 PM, jbeattie wrote:

I get all sorts of e-mail advertisements and daily specials, particularly from the local stores. I'm seeing price jumps in Shimano drive-train consumables as well as other parts and was wondering if this is tariff related or just inflation. Andrew?

Who knows?

At Bianchi for example several popular models moved from
Taiwan ROC to some subdivision of the People's Army a couple
of years ago (motto: girls who can read assemble i-phones.
The rest build bicycles). They've had increases every month
or two which may reflect duties or duties with a markup. The
retail prices are definitely in different brackets now and
rising again for September.

Campagnolo equipment, even the latest Chorus 12, has been
steady to slightly declining in price despite new features.

I see in today's paper that pork in Beijing moved from 18
yuan/kilo to 32 this year and rising on trade limits and
swine flu (weigh that out - both are factors). That's really
nice for Iowa.

Liz Peek notes that although tariffs in theory harm US
consumers, inflation has been insignificant. Then too, US$
is strong despite brutal debt and deficit numbers.

People who say they understand all this are either going to
be very wealthy or they're lying. I'm not among them.

Andrew Muzi
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