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On Sunday, September 1, 2019 at 8:55:07 PM UTC-7, Chalo wrote:
The problem isn't e-bikers going 28mph. It's *anyone* going 28mph in a real city. I think 20mph inside city limits (under pain of death) is plenty fast enough where there are humans and other living things present.

Really, not even on a big wheel? That's an arterial in my neighborhood. My top speed on that was 51 mph on a road bike -- no leathers or body armor (no road construction, either). Most cyclists skip that hill and go down via the cemetery. You do have to watch your speed there because of all the walkers and other cyclists -- and tractors and leaves. Fixie dope version 2.0: start at 2:00. What's the life expectancy for a rear tire on a dope bike like that. A day?

-- Jay Beattie.


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