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Default 50.4 BCD TA vs. VO

On 9/6/2019 1:26 PM, Tim McNamara wrote:

I prefer narrow pedal spacing which seems to make my knees feel better.
I have had patellar inflammation in the past and have had a torn
meniscus scoped so wider cranks make my left knee hurt.

Maybe 20 years ago I started getting some minor pain in one knee. In
trying to diagnose it, I somehow noticed that I seemed to be applying
force toward the outside of the pedal, using the outside edge of my
foot. I began concentrating on using the ball of my foot (just behind
the big toe) to apply force, and my knee problems largely went away.

For people with normal healthy knees and average body geometry, it is
probably not important and usually not even noticeable. People who are
outliers- especially with very short legs, bowlegged or knock-kneed,
etc.- Q factor differences might be noticeable.

Agreed. Also, people who ride only short distances at low effort may
never notice a difference. That's the vast majority of bicyclists.

- Frank Krygowski

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