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On Wednesday, September 4, 2019 at 5:20:07 PM UTC-4, AMuzi wrote:
On 9/4/2019 3:40 PM, Tom Kunich wrote:
A couple of weeks ago we were talking about Ketone Esters. This is sort of a predigested results of dietary fat.

I had breakfast and because I was heading out on a difficult ride I drank a bottle of that stuff cut 50/50 with tap water.

It has a taste reminiscent of fingernail polish. And that taste sticks with you.

It didn't seem to do anything. I really dragged my butt up the 1,000 foot climb with 9-12% sections but I made it.

It costs a small fortune so it hardly seems to be worth even talking about.

Yesterday I had forgotten to go to the store and had nothing for breakfast before another hard ride so on an empty stomach I drank that stuff again. This time before I left I brushed my teeth and used Listerine mouthwash. That reduced the taste to merely unpleasant.

I rode out to the target 19 miles and 1600 feet of climbing away and I didn't bonk which I would have expected to do what with no breakfast. At the coffee shop I had a roll and a coffee and came back. At the end of the ride I was not exceptionally tired and had a rather fast recovery.

So perhaps this stuff is worth you giving a try if you're a sports rider. It did appear to work far better on an empty stomach than after having eaten. And brushing the teeth and using mouthwash DEFINITELY was the way to go.

I don't know.
I'm happy that you are happy. If this works for you, by all
means do it more.

Your post reminded me of Chalo's all time pithy RBT comment
about cycling-specific energy bars and drinks, "I just eat
actual food." Works for me too.

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