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I don't know.
I'm happy that you are happy. If this works for you, by
all means do it more.

Your post reminded me of Chalo's all time pithy RBT
comment about cycling-specific energy bars and drinks, "I
just eat actual food." Works for me too.

I ate a meat pie mid ride once. The day was cold. The pie
was hot. Seemed like a good idea at the time. It wasn't
though. I was regurgitating meat all the way home.

Some actual food is counter productive.

It's a good story though!

At 85 miles into a sunny but windy 40F late September century, my
friend and I were just out of everything and stopped to eat some field
corn (dairy cow maize, not sweet corn). The effect was miraculous and
within minutes we were back riding.

Raw? No sorghum or onions available? Did you eat the stalk and leaves,

I have sampled roadside apples and concord grapes, both quite
uncultivated, and rode away refreshed.

Just the hard school-bus-yellow raw kernels.

I have also pilfered an apple occasionally[1] but more from
curiosity (always pleasantly surprised!) than desperation.

[1]A Milwaukee Journal photographer snapped me riding no
hands in mid-bite near an orchard and it was printed. Ouch.

Andrew Muzi
Open every day since 1 April, 1971

Most of the apple orchards that used to be around here are gone now
but you will occasionally trip across one in the forest. Some of these
are long forgotten species and they are often looked for by companies
that make hard cider since these old forgotten species are what the
original hard cider was made from.

In a month or so I'll go to my favorite u-pick orchard, to pick some
winesaps and some russet apples. I can't get them anywhere else. I
planted two winesaps in my backyard, but have harvested no apples yet.

We're fond of Fujis, Galas and one other that I can't remember but was
introduced last year. Typical PNW apples, although Red Delicious --
the great bland apple -- is probably king of the PNW apples. Hood

Fujis and Galas are wasted on me -- no taste to speak of. They're
better than Honeycrisps, though. Red Delicious are not good, but
they're edible in a pinch, Golden Delicious can actually be tasty. At
the supermarket I buy Empire apples, grown in New York state. Fall,
Winter and Spring I'll go through a bag and a half a week.

River Valley is spectacular at apple and pear blossom
time. I rode out there a few
weeks ago. No blooms, but lots of wind
You figure the wind wrong, and you're going to be seriously miserable
on riding on the Gorge. I slaughtered myself riding home in a head
wind last week -- I wanted to call an Uber once I hit civilization.

-- Jay Beattie.


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