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Default Cyclist in accident drives off

On Sun, 17 Aug 2008 17:52:07 +0100, nully wrote:

Marc wrote:
HarryHill wrote:
‘There may be serious consequences if a cyclist hits a child’

CALLS have been made for the widening of a pedestrian and cycle path
after a dog was hit by a bicycle.

Anne-Marie Wilkins, 37, from Llandaff North, is starting a petition
calling for the Taff Trail to be widened through Hailey Park after her
dog Bonny was run over by a cyclist, who then immediately rode off.

My money is on the little turd dispenser either being on a 35ft
extendable lead or not being on one at all.

Which gives the cyclist the right to simply ride off and ignore the
incident then? Cycles should be required to carry reg plates to avoid
cowardly behaviour such as this. Be nice to see some posters condemn the
cyclist leaving the scene *irrespective of fault*, but I guess I'm
asking for too much there - after all, cyclists are beyond fault, right?

Out of common courtesy the cyclist should have stopped, IMO. Please
don't extend the act of one person to "all cyclists are beyond fault,

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