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Default New B&M 100lux headlight.

Tim McNamara wrote:
On Sat, 2 Dec 2017 12:33:32 +0100, Sepp Ruf wrote:
James wrote:
[100 lux IQ-X]

The 70lux IQ-XS is the new one.

B&M makes the 100 lux version, why bother with a 70 lux?

Simply because I was suspecting James might have confused the two.

(The 70 lux lamp looks cheaper to build. AAND more cuter, but they'll have
to have to add glitter, hot pink and champagne anodized options.)

Good beam pictures from Peter White, although limited to the products he
carries understandably enough. The 100 lub B&M uses the same reflector
and LED as the Schmid eDelux II:

The IQ-X sure uses a different reflector and LED than used in both the
Cyo-Premium & eDelux-II.

He even has an extra b&m-hl page, but for quite a while has not displayed
new beam photography of his own.

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