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Default AG: Pierceton Days

Apologies for posting late. I didn't feel like writing when I got
back from Pierceton yesterday.

Someone in church today, when told that I'd been to Pierceton Days,
said "On your bike? That's a long ride!"

Google Maps said that Bethel Baptist Church, where I borrowed a picnic
bench to change into walking shoes, is 5.9 miles from Winona Lake
Trails. It took me about three-fourths of an hour.

It was a bit farther coming back because I dislike Pierceton Road. I
had Van Ness all to myself for its entire length.

This was a figure-eight tour. I went to the farmers' markets in the
morning, came home for lunch and a nap, then rode to the festival.

Since I wanted to nap early, I followed Clarke Street to Owen's Market
instead of using the Beyer Farm Trail. I used to use Fort Wayne on
such occasions, but dealing with the new "bike lane" is distracting.
(At least it's on the "no parking" side of the street, but they
painted the lane in the "please right-hook me" position.)

I bought two pints of cherry tomatoes and the three smallest yellow
squash at the fairgrounds market. (I ate one of the squash for lunch
today, in a stew with a small eggplant from last week, a mini-sweet
pepper, half a small cucumber, . . . and some minced Spam. I was
surprised that cooked cucumber isn't bad when it's in the chorus, with
no chance to solo. (I detest un-pickled cucumber.)

I bought a big fat tomato to eat tomorrow or the next day, and four
small ripe tomatoes at the courthouse market. I ate half of one of
those on a bacon sandwich for my bedtime snack that night.

I put two veggie boxes in my panner before going to Pierceton, but
there was nothing to buy and bring home. After my first lap around
the grounds, I took my hat-brim out of my emergency kit and left my
helmet on the bike. If I'd done that after locking to a telephone
pole, I wouldn't have gotten a watermelon stain on my new do-rag. I
was uncomfortable after sitting down with my melon slice, and put my
helmet down at the end of the table. Then the do-rag felt warm, so I
threw it into the helmet. When I went to put them back on, there was
a red splop on the do-rag. I washed it at the water fountain (the
turned it back on, yay!), but it didn't come out. Then I put my visor
on over the wet do-rag, which was very cool. (The do-rag and my
jersey are in the washing machine now. I left them soaking all

On my second lap, I checked out all the food trucks, but everything
was "jumbo". So I went to a church tent and bought a $3.50
"tenderloin". It was, of course, a breaded porkburger, but they
deep-fried it to my order and had a reasonable assortment of
condiments. It was tasty and satisfying.

Off to Van Ness! I turned a street too soon for fear of overshooting
Wayne Street. I never found out its name before it turned right,
became Fourth Street, and ended on Wayne.

I turned off Wooster at 250 E and came back through Sprawlmart. Partly
to avoid the section of Wooster that Google Maps marks as particularly
suitable for cycling, and partly because I wanted to try out the new
Tastee Freeze.

Here comes the part I set out to write. I don't know where all the
above blither came from.

I gave the sandwich and side-dish menu a hasty glance, then looked
over the soft-serve menu. The only small dish was a "pup cup", so I
ordered that.

It came with two dog biscuits and no spoon.

Ice cream isn't as easy to eat with a knife as watermelon is.

Before leaving, I noticed that they also have hand-dipped ice cream,
and that menu offered a kiddie cone.

I do know where the blither came from: I wrote this post just before
my nap, a little after I should have already been in bed.

And now it's past bed time.

Joy Beeson
joy beeson at comcast dot net

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