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Default Cycling into Canary Wharf

I've started a new job and I now have a commute that it's worth cycling
(previous commute took about as long by bike as by foot when you include
the time getting the brompton out onto the road and folded up again at
the other end)

But I'm failing miserably at working out how to get into Canary Wharf -
in particular to the Jubilee Park car park.

My plan is to come along the A13, A1261, turn right onto Westferry Road,
up onto Westferry Circus, West India Avenue (and then it's easy) but I'm
struggling at getting onto westferry circus upper level. I keep ending
up on the underground bit.

The map is he

Today I got to the point where the limehouse link turns off and took the
road up but then something still went wrong and I cannot for the life of
me see where I went wrong.

Coming home I've got sorted, Upper Bank street, Aspen Way, A1261, A13.
But I cannot do that journey in reverse.

Does anyone have any hints or ideas about what I'm doing wrong or what I
should be doing? It's not a huge problem, I can find my way to work.
Ideally I'd just stay on the 1206 and then turn down Bank Street - but
as far as I can see, admittedly on foot from the other end, there's
currently no way through along Bank Street past 1 Bank Street.

Streetview stops just as the link road to Westferry Circus upper level
starts, you can see a bus ahead on it but cannot "drive" down it and you
just end up in the limehouse tunnel.


p.s. I'm not interested in "get off and walk this bit" routes, even if
they are shorter. Leaving my desk to getting home took 35 minutes this
evening with a head wind. Going to work took about 40 minutes
(including showering) tail wind and less traffic but a few minutes of
detour. Hopefully I'll be 5-10 minutes faster, especially going to work,
once I've got my cycling legs back, which is competitive with public

p.p.s. The A13 is really easy to cycle along. Bus lane the entire way
and not many buses - but google does not want to let you cycle along it.
Heading west is slightly less good (road surface worse) but still not


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