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Default Why dont they compete in the final stage??

On Jul 29, 1:39 am, wrote:
These guys sacrifice their health to win taking drugs and doing
anything else to cheat so why do they respect the custom of not
competing on final stage? Lets say you are in second by a few seconds
and know you can win the final stage. Do you really give up even the
stage win? I just dont get it.

In 1975, Eddy Merckx was 2nd at the start of the last stage and
attacked all day,
however, he was unable to move up in the standings. More recently,
other riders have tried to
move up in the standings on the last stage. The last person to do so
Vinokourov, who moved up from 6th to 5th in 2005, and in 2002 Rumsas
on the last stage to try to move up from 3rd to 2nd without success.



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