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On Thu, 07 Mar 2019 13:58:50 +0700, John B. Slocomb

What kind of cleats are you using? I use the Shimano SPD cleats and
you can walk in those shoes. Granted that the shoes are a bit heavy
and the soles are stiff but they are still "walkable".

Olde Tyme slot cleats. My main reason for not walking in them is that
I can't have new ones, and it wouldn't take many miles of walking to
wear the cleats off.

I was all gung ho when clipless cleats appeared, and vowed to get that
kind the next time I bought shoes.

But I'd just bought new pedals with replaceable bearings and they
never did wear out.

The last I heard, no clipless pedal works with a pedal that can be
used with ordinary shoes. I presume there are double-sided pedals
with cleat-holders on one side and toe clips on the other, but I
settled *that* way back when my first pair of "touring" shoes wore
out. I thought for a bit about being more careful with the new shoes,
and not walking in them -- and then realized that the best compromise
between walking shoes and riding shoes was to wear one and carry the

I haven't heard of touring shoes for decades. They were stiff-soled
walking shoes with tread on the sole that kept them from sliding out
of the toe clips -- but the tread wasn't very deep, and soon wore off.

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