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On Fri, 8 Mar 2019 11:02:13 -0500, Frank Krygowski

On 3/8/2019 12:29 AM, Joy Beeson wrote:

I haven't heard of touring shoes for decades. They were stiff-soled
walking shoes with tread on the sole that kept them from sliding out
of the toe clips -- but the tread wasn't very deep, and soon wore off.

I think touring shoes still exist. These days I think they all come with
areas of the sole that can be cut out to access screw holes for cleats.
In any case, when I'm in cycling shoes, they are Lake brand from many
years ago that fit that description.

I recently noticed my previous touring shoes on a basement shelf. I
think I stopped using them simply because the colors faded, and/or my
wife wanted us to get new matching ones; I forget. In any case, these
would work fine for me and would probably look fine if I could dye them
black or dark brown.

What do you know about dyeing shoes?

John B.


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