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Default Bike trail usage: Example Cedar Lake Trail, Minneapolis

For your reference, records indicate that
Rolf Mantel wrote:

Looking at the usage figures
(page 11) you find 2,500 to 3,000 daily users over the years (i.e. on
the order of 1,500 commuters going both ways).

Do you think those kind of daily numbers are a success or a failure?

Compared to what? What would be the costs for the alternative
transportation infrastructure that supports that many people? Also keep
in mind that simply sampling on a few September weekdays isn’t going to
really give a truly representative usage measure (which, even for
commuters, almost certainly varies *wildly* over the year due to
Minnesota’s weather and climate), nor does it measure the overall
utility of multi-use paths for recreational activities over the summer
and/or on weekends. The Twin Cities would be a much more miserable
place to live if we didn’t have all the paths we do. The fact that they
*also* support commuters during the week is really just an added bonus.

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