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Default Caution - Rude words

"hippy" wrote in message
"Marty Wallace" wrote
With all this attention on fixies lately, I'm reminded of an insult that

around when I was young. (About 30 years ago.)

"I hope your balls turn into bicycle wheels and back-peddle up your



Has anyone heard of that before?

Not I

I'm in the south west of WA and was wondering if it was just a local


VERY local.. hehe ;-)

Jesus Christ Superstar,
riding 'round on his Yamaha..


Strangely enough, my town of about 9000 people has a 330 metre, 45 degree
sloped bitumen veledrome, with lights, that isn't used at all by anyone. Bit
of a shame really. It was last raced on about 5 or 6 years ago.
And what makes it worse is the BMX club has about 140 riders.
Sign of the times I suppose.



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