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Default Twitchy steering fix?

On Jun 26, 4:25*pm, "al sharff" wrote:
I bought an Independent Fabrication steel Crown Jewel used - it's a
stock frame (non custom) with an IF steel fork - straight blades.

It has very "twitchy" steering when I'm in a descending tight corner.
I tend to oversteer in those situations. *The bike feels like it pulls
into the turn to a point where I'm about to loose control.

To compare I have a Trek 5200 (new in 2000, 60cm frame) that I use the
same wheels on and has almost the same fit. *The only major difference
I can find with my tape measure is the IF has 42cm handlebars while the
Trek has 44cm. *I never notice my cornering problem when I'm on the

Anyone have opinions on how I can "smooth out" (or slow down, or make
it less responsive) the high speed cornering on the IF bike? *Will
different forks make a difference - any advise on what to go to? *Any
other changes that make make a difference in handling?

Track bikes have less trail usually and are inherently less stable
because they're meant to be ridden differently than road bikes. Not a
whole lot you can do other than swap out for wider handlebars so that
more input means less response. There might be a way to fit a fork in
there to give you some more trail, but that's bigger bux, and the
clearances are already tight.

If you're really uncomfortable with the handling of a track bike on
the road--sell it and buy a single speed bike with road geometry like
a Salsa Casserole, Redline 925, Kona Paddy Wagon, etc, instead of
making bunging up this bike. I've ridden a bike with a fork I hated
for a couple years--a crazy short trail old Tange crit fork, and the
twitchy handling can drive one nuts. Better to offload it to someone
that enjoys it.

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