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Default Twitchy steering fix?

On Jun 26, 4:25*pm, "al sharff" wrote:
I bought an Independent Fabrication steel Crown Jewel used - it's a
stock frame (non custom) with an IF steel fork - straight blades.

It has very "twitchy" steering when I'm in a descending tight corner.
I tend to oversteer in those situations. *The bike feels like it pulls
into the turn to a point where I'm about to loose control.

To compare I have a Trek 5200 (new in 2000, 60cm frame) that I use the
same wheels on and has almost the same fit. *The only major difference
I can find with my tape measure is the IF has 42cm handlebars while the
Trek has 44cm. *I never notice my cornering problem when I'm on the

Anyone have opinions on how I can "smooth out" (or slow down, or make
it less responsive) the high speed cornering on the IF bike? *Will
different forks make a difference - any advise on what to go to? *Any
other changes that make make a difference in handling?

Talk to IF. I didn't see a geometry table for the CJ. Steep head
angles (common in track bikes) need less fork rake (offset) to have
the same trail as a (commonly, usually, often, etc.) slacker-angled
road frame.

(Is it plugged in dept): Is the headset on the IF in good shape and
adjusted correctly?

Grabbed a table:

28mm rake on 74-75deg head tube angle. Hmmm... 1.1", about what the
builder of my track bike said he built for that bike, with
"about" (or, "at least") 75deg head tube angle.

If you find a real (oval blades, straight brake bolt hole g) road
fork with 28mm rake, let me know, would you?

Although I haven't had any problems with the old "Cinelli" (and maybe
it is a Cinelli) road fork that's in the bike for FG road use, which
is probably a 43-45mm offset, I'd like to have something closer or the
same as the original fork, as that bike handled great on the track and
was not "twitchy", nor did it tighten line in corners unless I wanted
it to.

Please. "Responsive". Typical of the track bikes I've ridden (not
many, true enough, but I went through the rental fleet at Alkek),
rides straight just fine, turns quickly when asked. Not "twitchy".
Doesn't tighten line unless you want. Steep head tube angle, short
rake. --D-y

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