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Default Twitchy steering fix?

On Jun 27, 11:20*am, landotter wrote:

Shorter trail, less caster. It's basic bike frame design. Perhaps you
can't feel the effects and dismiss it--don't get a big head about it.

Where does "shorter trail" come from?

If you look in here (scroll down to charts):

you'll see a "track geometry" such as 75deg, 30mm rake, having the
same or more trail as a "road" geometry of 73-73.5deg, 40-45mm rake
(the lower range available in road forks, "average" head angle for
road frames).

Wondering at your rhetoric dept:


"Princess and the Pea", reversed?

"Big head"?

My Goodness! Sounds like someone is losing an argument here. Tsk tsk!

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