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Default Red Menace 36 update

chuckaeronut;1138957 wrote:
Would it be possible to make it be able to disengage the jackshaft
drivetrain and re-engage a 1-1 lock-in to make the cranks lock directly
to the hub, to enable shifting between 1:1 and whatever gear ratio is
selected? Seeing how the Schlumpf hub shifts its drive plate thing back
and forth between the planet carrier and the hub housing, I don't see
why it wouldn't be possible with this design, either, but I could be
missing something important. To make this shiftable back to 1:1 would be
absolutely epic.

And UniSk8r, though I don't know your name (my name is Chuck, btw ),
would it be possible for me to come to Redmond some time to ride your
unicycle? I don't know offhand when I'd be free to come up, but I
really, really, REALLY would like to, if you'd let me. I've been wanting
for quite some time now to ride something geared higher than 1.5, and
this looks, quite frankly, amazing.

To make it shift on the fly would involve machining a keyway into the
through-axle, so that a pin of some kind could lock the axle to the hub
shell. That same "pin of some kind" would also lock the hub sprocket to
the hub shell. It would be an either-or engagement, similar to Schlumpf.
But at the moment, with the chain system I can't envision how to
disengage the jackshaft from the cranks, even when the hub is locked in
1:1 mode. In other words, in direct mode the hub sprocket would simply
turn freely on the hub shell (at whatever the gear ratio happens to

The 6 current available ratios a 0.83 (20t/22t underdrive), 1.00
(20/20), 1.22 (22/20), 1.44 (24/20), 1.67 (26/20), and 1.96 (28/20).
Takes about 15 minutes to disassemble, change the ratio, and

Yes, it's here in my shed waiting to be ridden more!

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