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On 3/13/2018 2:58 PM, Joerg wrote:
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On Tuesday, March 13, 2018 at 7:36:16 AM UTC-7, Joerg wrote:
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On Monday, March 12, 2018 at 7:32:27 PM UTC-7, John B.
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After all they are "homeless" so they don't have a home
and one assumes that they can't pay for a hotel
room. So
where do they go?

They are what Hitchcock called 'the McGuffin', a
device to
move the plot along. Doesn't really matter.

In this case, the important principle of governance is,
"Once the problem's solved, the money stops."

Solving problems is anathema to anyone in politics.

Back when I was a young Airman I worked with a guy -
had 10 or 12 total years service - but he had
mentioned that
his first hitch he had been in the Horse Drawn Field
Artillery which was pretty far back. I asked him about
and he said yes, that his first enlistment was in
1930-something. When I asked him why he wasn't already
retired he said that when he'd finished an enlistment
get out and work for a while but when he couldn't find
a job
he had reenlisted.

Maybe we should re-discover this solution for the
problem of
the homeless.

The armed services used to be an alternative to serving
for petty crimes, but I don't think any branch wants
known drug
addicts, psychotics, schizophrenics, etc., etc. I
would guess
than only a small fraction of the homeless are there
they lost a job -- at least based on my observations.

My last assignment in the A.F. I had a confessed drug
assigned to the shop. He went to the Hospital every
morning for a
shot and as he was a dope addict had no security
clearance which
meant he couldn't work on any of the aircraft. As a
result he
could only work straight days and on projects that were not
associated with either the B-52's or the Tankers. Not a
welcome addition to a shop that is working days, nights,
Sundays fixing airplanes :-)

I spent considerable effort on trying to get him removed
from the
shop so I could indent for a replacement who could work
on the
flight line but the guy finally solved my problem by

-- Jay Beattie.

But even people sleeping on a park bench have to eat.
Where does
that money come from? Unemployment payments?

Sometimes. Also welfare payments, food pantries, soup
shelters, begging, theft. Many older homeless also get
security payments. For a long time our church members
cooked for
homeless and brought dinner to a "tolerated camp".

Don't forget picking through trash cans. Lots of good eats

So far I have only seen folks looking for booze in there.

Scramento has a huge homeless problem and especially so
along the
American River bike path. To the point where it isn't
always safe
riding there anymore. It is largely a homemade problem.
The mayor
they have now doesn't understand that with all his
throwing moeny
and resources at this he is enticing ever more homeless
to move to
Sacramento. Free stuff! When he started this I could
notice a
substantial drop in the number of homeless I see along
the El
Dorado Trail yet the guy does not get it.

I've been buying bus tickets to Sacramento for the dudes
camped along
our giant MUP, the Springwater Corridor. I'm glad to see
its paying
off -- that and the periodic "sweeps."

I was riding back from the Gorge on Sunday and cut over
on the 205
bike path and hit a spot under an over-pass where I could
squeeze by all the tents -- and garbage and needles, etc.,
F****** incredible pigsty.

Let me know if you come up with a solution. I sure don't
have one --
at least one that doesn't sound like something out of the Old
Testament, or perhaps a modern book on recycling organic

The solution would be our country becoming more
conservative. Work requirements for welfare, less
unconditional free stuff, and so on. The difference in the
rate of homelessness in liberal versus conservative states
is striking and Oregon looks worse than even California
(which I hadn't thought was possible).

Nevada is kind of an exception, probably because a lot of
hermits and loners live there. They chose that lifestyle and
the low amount of regulations and little enforcement allows
them to spend their days baking in a dilapidated trailer out
in the desert.

The other solution is to starve the beast (big government).
High tax states make housing so expensive that too many
people are forced to drop out into the streets. California
is a prime example of that. Try getting a building permit
out here, let alone pay for it. Socialism does not work.

Who are you and what have you done with The Real Joerg, who
likes high taxes for expensive elaborate kiddy paths paid
for by the long suffering working man?

Andrew Muzi
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