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On Tue, 31 Jan 2017 00:19:50 -0400, Joy Beeson

Got around to updating my training log. Here's an excerpt.


30 January 2017

Saturday was Winter Market Day, so I intended to do a Tour d' Warsaw,
but the night before I didn't trust the weather not to mention that
I haven't any decent wool tights and have to improvise with layers of
sweat pants so I loaded the pockets of my walking pants instead of
preparing the bike. I also emptied the Trafalgar bag to carry along
in case I bought something.

Of course, it turned out to be a perfect day for cycling. But,
perhaps, not a good day for going into heated rooms while dressed for

I parked at the library. Google Maps or was it HereWeGo? said it
was half a mile to the Central Park Pavilion, where the Winter Market
is held. I walked through the park instead of taking Google's route,
but I came back by Buffalo Street, and after I checked out _Clouds of
Witnesses_, I walked to the dollar store on Market Street, so I walked
at least a mile. And the library's books are up a flight of stairs.

Also, I circumnavigated the court house and climbed the stairs to all
three entrances, and went down and up the few steps to the two
basement entrances. On the west side of the basement, I went up only,
having come in by the handicap ramp, which is level with the sidewalk.
The lawn doesn't seem to slope all that much, but it's only three or
four steps down to the basement doors. I tried all the doors except
the handicap door; it's controlled by a button, and I was afraid it
might work. (The basement doors are under the stairs to the main

I had intended to sit for a while at the Winter Market, but the chairs
had been removed, so I did one lap around the room and left. I
briefly considered buying a focaccia, but the vendor wasn't around,
and I didn't really want it if I couldn't eat some on the spot.
(Standing while eating aggravates meralgia paraesthetica.)

There were no votive candles at the dollar store, so I bought a
package of tea lights. They appear to be larger than the lights we
burned up de-paintfuming the hall halfbath. I'll continue to look,
because twelve-hour candles are more convenient for the Fourth Of July
cheese dip. (I think that the Fourth is on July first this year.)

What is this "de-paintfuming"? Does the candle get rid of paint odors?
Or are they something like perfumed candles and just mask the bad

By the way, "the fourth of July falls on the first this year"?


John B.


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