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On Tue, 31 Jan 2017 14:34:28 +0700, John B.

What is this "de-paintfuming"? Does the candle get rid of paint odors?
Or are they something like perfumed candles and just mask the bad

An open flame is a classic way to get rid of odors -- Mom used to
strike a match and wave it around the kitchen when a puff of LPG
escaped the stove. So after a week or two of keeping the door closed
and the exhaust fan running failed to dispell all of the stink, we
started leaving a lit candle in the room. *Un*scented, because the
resident engineer is allergic to perfume, and I've come to strongly
dislike the stench.

Ob bicycles: I grew up with gas stoves, and developed an instinct: if
you smell gas, you Do Something, and you do it Right Now.

Every time you turn a gas flame on, a teeny little puff of gas escapes
into the room.

When there is only one stove in the room, you'll never notice unless
something goes wrong, but the Youth Hostel tour of southern England
stopped one night in a hostel in which the kitchen featured at least
twenty gas hot plates. (Well, a hot plate is electric and portable,
but independent burners are the same idea.)

One puff is subliminal; twenty . . . I was quite distraught the whole
time I was cooking, and everyone within earshot of me was fed up.

By the way, "the fourth of July falls on the first this year"?

On Lake Winona, Independence Day is always celebrated on a Saturday,
usually the Saturday nearest the fourth. I think we did celebrate on
the actual day the year it fell on a Friday.

Warsaw and Winona Lake hire a pyrotechnic firm to anchor two barges in
the middle of the lake, and people gather around the shore to watch
the show. I believe that the grandstand at the fairgrounds offers a
particularly-good view. My back yard also provides an excellent view,
since we are right next to the creek that is filling in the lake, and
part of our lawn used to be a sand bar. People also gather in the
town park next door. Most of the pontoon boats with access to the
lake show up -- for us, part of the show is the red and green lights
headed for port after the finale -- and a small airplane circles the
lake the whole time.

I attempted to find out this year's date, but all of the official
pages of both towns were created by "professional Web designers". I
might find something in the council-meeting minutes.

There is also a concert at the Hillside (outdoor theater) before the
fireworks, and at least one family reunion before the concert. When
the church also holds a picnic after services the following day, it
makes a very exhausting week, but I think we've given that up.

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