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Steve Nelson
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Default Cycle Commute from Kilburn to Canary Wharf


I am planning to cycle to and from work - from North Kilburn to Canary

I have searched google groups for suggestions on possible routes, and
have so far gathered:

1) Its a good idea to cross south from the Isle of Dogs and then
re-cross the river around Tower-Bridge.

2) Canal paths may be a mixed blessing - not direct, may be busy with
commuters and sometimes run out of path.

I've also looked at an A-Z, and the route across the south of the
river seems fairly straightforward (although specific guidance would
be helpful).

I used to cycle from Fitrovia, so know the route from there, if this
is of use.

What suggestions would people offer as I begin to plan my route?

My bike is a fast audax bike, built for roads and speed.

Thanks in advance.


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