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Default Cycle Commute from Kilburn to Canary Wharf

Steve Nelson wrote:
I am planning to cycle to and from work - from North Kilburn to Canary

I have searched google groups for suggestions on possible routes, and
have so far gathered:

1) Its a good idea to cross south from the Isle of Dogs and then
re-cross the river around Tower-Bridge.

Rotherhythe tunnel is not pleasant and climb at ends (with traffic backed
up behind you) can be quite a leg sapper when not feeling fresh.

2) Canal paths may be a mixed blessing - not direct, may be busy with
commuters and sometimes run out of path.

I haven't used them extensively enough to comment properly but I would
expect them to be slower than using the roads unless you can find
particularly nifty short cuts.

I've also looked at an A-Z, and the route across the south of the
river seems fairly straightforward (although specific guidance would
be helpful).

Maps from the London Cycling Campaign should help.

Lime House Link Tunnel from east-a-bit-of Tower Bridge area (north side)
can be a wonderfully fast way to warp to/from docklands (especially with
tail wind) - but cycles are banned. Lane widths and gradients aren't too
bad though; don't know what the chances of getting nicked are.



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